How Do I Install AmpliFi Alien?

Get help for the AmpliFi Alien router set up in this guide. Check the following instructions to know how do I install AmpliFi Alien.

AmpliFi Alien is a tri-band Wi-Fi 6 router that increases the network and boosts coverage by 2 times in your home. It eliminates the dead spots and lets you to control the entire network with the AmpliFi Alien app installed on your mobile device.

The guide is just made for people like you who want to perform AmpliFi Alien setup with the Alien app. To do this, you would have to install the latest and updated AmpliFi Alien app. Installing the app is the first step towards the AmpliFi Alien router setup.

Let’s begin:

The user-friendly and feature-rich controls let you configure and set up your AmpliFi router. It lets you set up an AmpliFi router within minutes. You can control your entire network on your fingertips. The simplified guest access allows you to manage your entire network easily.

How do I install AmpliFi Alien router?

Starting with the AmpliFi Alien setup, download the app on your mobile phone. You can visit the Play Store or App Store from your smartphone and download the app for free.

You will need to get started with the hardware connection:

  1. Unplug you’re existing from the power source and disconnect all the devices connected to it.
  2. Get an ethernet cable and connect it one end into the internet port of the alien router.
  3. Connect the other end of the same ethernet cable into the modem’s port.
  4. You need to connect the power cable to your Alien router and wait for the power LED to show up.
  5. Connect your modem back to the power source and wait for it to finish booting up.

You need to take further steps from your smartphone:

  1. Open the wireless settings on your mobile device and look for the Alien network, connect to it.
  2. You would be asked to provide the Wi-Fi network name and password to the Amplifi router.
  3. You can keep the login password the same as your Wi-fi password. Or, you can customize it by providing different values.
  4. Open up the AmpliFi Alien app and proceed with the login steps. Provide the AmpliFi login credentials.
  5. Now, you can adjust the settings, add or block the device, set up guest wifi access, and more after getting into the Alien app.

If you need more details on the AmpliFi Alien router setup process, you can give us a call on our toll-free number and take help from our technical experts.

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